DIANTHUS, musical composition, by Tom Levine

“So from species to cultivar you are divine, a beauty to last all time, and when the roses fade, you last to be repaid, and your beauty is remade.” ~aMartin15



American River Parkway

American River Parkway
Piano Composition, by Tom Levine
copyright, 2017

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Backstory on American River Parkway:

I’ve always been fascinated with the harmonics of piano, how the more you play notes upon notes, the tones and qualities of those sounds, builds, and creates their own hypnotic rhythms and sounds. For me, it is almost magical. When I grew up, I played on an Acrosonic piano that my Dad bought me. He was a musician, and cared deeply about the instruments we played in our house. The Acrosonic was not a full fledged grand or baby-grand, but it did carry similar harmonic qualities that you would find in a concert piano. For years, this was all I cared about, when playing and composing songs.

American River Parkway really began its early stages, nearly 40 years ago, with that kid on his Acrosonic. And with that, there was a synergistic connection I made, with the Parkway, a stretch of the American River, that I have enjoyed for over a decade, living up here in the Sacramento basin of Central Califonia.

like the song, the actual American River Parkway is a world of harmonics. The wildlife, flaura, fauna, and local residents, all live together in this ecosystem, in ways that the real world can not seem to live up to. Synergy defines the American River Parkway, and often times, when I am on the trail riding my bike, I will stop, grab some water, close my eyes, and just listen to the sound of it. For me, it is breathtaking. It all just works. And yet, just outside of the parkway, is the hustle and bustle of traffic, businesses, government, and the city. They can’t possibly get along, and yet, somehow, in the parkway, they do.

Fly Me To The Moon

Trying out my new Pianoteq, split keyboard, with bass on the left, keys on the right, and Ned the drummer, off stage 😉

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